Ethiopian-inspired Cooking, Vegetarian Specialties: 2nd Edition, now with Vegan Baking supplement


An exciting introduction to Ethiopian cuisine. Here you will find complete instructions for the most popular Ethiopian vegetarian dishes, such as Lentil Salad (Azifa), Potato Salad (But’ech’a), Spicy Red Lentils (Missir Wo’t), Greens (Gomen), and more. Included are introductory materials, recipes for spiced oil, Injera flatbread, and decadent T’ef chocolate fudge cake, as well as interviews, photographs, and step-by-step photos and instructions for preparing these dishes. All recipes use easy-to-find ingredients and are designed with the home cook in mind. “Ethiopian-inspired Cooking” makes preparing this wonderful cuisine accessible and fun. This new printing features a glue-in spine, food photos, and bonus material not found in the first printing. The recipes are Vegetarian, but diners of all persuasions will find much to savor here. Gluten-free friendly; not soy-based.