Ian Finn Cookbook Sampler

This cookbook sampler brings the best “taste” from Ian Finn’s most popular cookbooks: “Ethiopian-inspired Cooking, Vegetarian Specialties” “To Cook is Divine; Italian, Filipino, and Southern-style Recipes from Outside the Box/ The Joy of Vegan Baking” combination, “Mostly Vegetarian,” and “The Gluten-free Guide to Vegetarian Recipes.” There are 2 recipes from each book, with writings, and several recipes from Finn’s blog, “Gluten-free ‘G’.” This Sampler was designed to give readers a taste of Finn’s eclectic regional cookery, as a preview for those interested in his larger works. The dollar price reflects this, and at over 70 pages, it is substantive as an introductory sampler.
Vegan Recipes, Vegetarian Recipes, Seasonal Recipes, Regional Cookery, Ethiopian Specialties, and Gluten-free Goodness abound! Those looking for a taste of something different, and healthful, will be more than pleased with these recipes.