Mostly Vegetarian, A Book for Everyone

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A truly diverse and flavorful array of vegetarian recipes designed for the “mostly” vegetarian. With many vegan and gluten-free offerings, this *all* vegetarian cookbooks reveals recipe secrets from the famed Book Lover’s Cafe in Gainesville, Fl. One of the first to promote local, seasonal, organic food cookery in the 1990s, the Book Lover’s Cafe enjoyed great success until it closed its doors in 2012. Finn, who authored the Cafes original menu, Internationally themed specials nights, and managed the Cafe for a decade, reveals his famed cooking techniques and recipes. Favorites like Lasagna, Quiche, Non-dairy Lasagna, Polenta, and Red Bean & Walnut Salad demonstrate why this all-vegetarian restaurant was so popular with non, or “mostly,” vegetarians. You won’t find elaborate lettuce creations here- this is “stick-to-your-ribs” hearty vegetarian fare, designed to leave the eater full and satisfied. Gourmet Carrot Cake, Indian-themed soups, Chickpea salad, and Vegan Peanut Butter Cookies and Vegan Apple Bars, are all certain to excite the taste buds and satisfy vegetarian and non-vegetarians alike.